This new contraption is based on 'Capability' Brown and Thomas Telford, referencing the design of the Contraption. This is seen in the boat/like carriage shape. The contraption functions feature components relating to ploughs and harrows both of which I had seen during one of my visits to the park and also play the idea of a changing landscape, that is what Brown was famous for. I wanted it to also plant Oak and Copper Beech Trees within the walled garden to relate to landscape that Capability Brown had made in 1765 -1766. The work both shows work and industrial that was once used to create Weston Park and that would of surrounded the Shropshire Landscape. Its both a celebration of the area and history and as well as testing the limitations of the material and man carrying out the work. Both Brown and Telford talked about how labour intensive was to make changes into a landscape, something that can be easily forgotten when enjoy or walking around Weston Park. 
As the contraption fails and falls apart, the parts are collected and put back into the carriage/boat and later made into a bridge. One end of the bridge sits within the walled garden and the other within Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. Thus bridge the spaces together as well as relating to Telford.

Photographs by Glen Stoker, Camera Crew Andrew Branscombe and Glen Stoker
Exhibition Photographs by Stephen 
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