In 1854 John Rae went in search of Franklin and his crew who disappeared four winters before. His findings were surprising.  Esquimaux’s directed him to Point Ogle. No one believed John Rae findings, they believed his account to false due to the horrific nature. Another Explorer Dr Bird went to same location a few years later and his findings were believed not to be of the time, but of the future. Maybe it was an insight into Franklin’s Death. A watch that appears to be mounted a frozen rock, it looks like an navigational device, similar to that of a compass and watch, a GPS system. Though it looks primitive in it’s construction as from an earlier time period (Bronze Age) yet it’s a futuristic in its technology.  Could it be that Franklin became too reliant on technology and followed a line, using this device, without an accurate map, it could of sent him miles off course…

Extract from Dr Bird’s Diary

Friday 26th September 1856

Trudging through the snow, the ice bites at my toes. Pinching and freezing the circulation of my toes it’s spreading up to my ankle and calf. A Blizzard obstructed my view, so taking John Rae’s advice I built an igloo to hinder its teeth. When the ice storm passed I followed the line John took towards Pelly Bay on my way I found lead tins, spoons and folks.

Friday 10th October 1856

Having passed Pelly Bay, I reached the end point of John Rae’s search for John Franklin. Poking out of the ice, a spoon reared its head. A few feet away from a spoon, a tip of another spoon showed itself. This went on for 30 feet. This trail lead me to a remarkable discovery of a watch that looked like it was a compass and it could possibly give the temperature of this location. It looks alien to our time period, it’s too advanced for our technology. Yet when I try to use it, it does not function, because of the construction. It useless but seems functional. The fruits of future seem to fail, nothing works. If John Franklin used this watch he would have undoubtedly gotten lost…
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