The Train and its construction changed along its journey, it became something else, something that was made possible due to the attempt of the journey. A process occurred, a transformation within the construction, it starts with the deconstruction and the limitations of the material and from its original form. The failing of the object brings about new possibilities.  
In this case the back of the train breaks and de-constructs itself within 3 miles of the journey of an attempted 8 mile stretch, it was then chipped with a industrial tree chipper and burnt along the way, in order to make a glaze for some ceramic birds.  A product that would of been carried along the railway line. 
An extract of the film can be watched below. Full version can be sent on request. 
Photographs by Glen Stoker, Exhibiton Photos by David Bethell. Filmed by Glen Stoker and Andrew Branscombe 
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