The work is often objects that representation working machines. The objects exists in neither the past nor the present, they exist within both. There is a slip between the past and the present but not committing to neither. Narratives are formed from the history and the topology of a space and the changing aspect of the material. 
As the object or constructed object can not commit to its original form it becomes the making of the journey, by the ware n tear of the landscape and the act of the artist. The ‘workings of the material’. There is a sense of futility to the artist and material. There are questions on the reliance of the crude and crafted technology and endurance of the artist. With this notion of change something can be viewed differently, something can have a sense of becoming, becoming something beyond its own expectations.  A testing of our ambitions and imagination are measured against the limitations of a space and material, often resulting in failed attempts and sense of disbelief, with odd chance of success and hope thrown in. 
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