Bethell graduated with an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in 2017.  His work can be associated with the construction of wooden sculptures.  These constructed objects often represent makeshift machines or contraptions. These are then tested by the artist or performer/s even the viewer in attempt to go beyond their own capabilities. A test that is measured by the limitations of space, materials and an ambition to do something beyond its own expectation. There is a sense of ‘becoming’, change within the material and its surrounding to reach the far fetched goal. And as a result these attempts often end in failure.  The works manifest themselves with an oddness that can relate to the imaginative and real a like.  A sense futility, disbelief, humour, hope, magic, endurance, imperfections and empathy can all be seen within his work.
He has had Solo shows at Home in Manchester with ‘Fleeting Flights’, Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, Wolverhampton Art Gallery and various site specific commissions that included ‘The weight of things’ at Keele University. After Graduating in 2017 he was selected by Charlie Smith Gallery in London be included in the Young Gods Exhibition.  Other selected group shows included the Spheres 7 in Paris, Bluecoat Gallery, and Synthetic Landscape with Meadow Arts. He also won the Worcester open in 2013 with his short film ‘Stacked against all Odds’.
He graduated from Staffordshire University in 2005 with a first class hons degree in Fine Art. After graduating the he co founded AirSpace Gallery with Andrew Branscombe. Giving Stoke on Trent its first Contemporary Art Gallery. He Co Curated and worked with over 500 artist from 2006 to 2012.  He also founded Conjunction and Co Curated Stoke on Trent first Contemporary Art Biennial and ran this in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012.
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